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Good day. Welcome to The Granville Chambers, 

home to a selection of writings by Nick Churchill notably a series of new interviews and reviews, as well as remixes of older work.

The Beatles are here, so are Bob Dylan, and Elvis Costello, hanging out with Johnny Depp while Beach Boys SMiLE. 

The mighty John Lydon, 

Al Pacino and Smokey Robinson share words of wisdom and Roger Daltrey remembers when it was all fields round here.

Paul Weller and David James enthuse about their jobs, while Billy Bragg and Henry Rollins get animated about the power of the human spirit and we remember the late, great Jackie Leven and Sheila Casey. 

If any of this informs, entertains or amuses you it will have served its purpose. Feel free to tell us about it. 

Eddi Reader 2014
The Three Apostles / Nick Buckle obituary

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